Raw Vegan Plantain And Okra Stew Recipe

Raw Vegan Plantain And Okra Stew Recipe


Even though my parents are from Jamaica and Grenada and these 2 foods would have been staples in their diets back home, I don’t remember eating them that much as a child, but I do remember developing a love of Caribbean food in my teens and now plantain is a firm favourite.

When you cook okra, it does create a very slimy dish due to the very nutrient rich mucilage it contains, and whilst I enjoy it I know it’s not for everyone. But eaten raw in this recipe, you’ll get to enjoy it as a crunchy vegetable which is a very different experience,



You’ll need:

2 ripe plantains                                

12-15 okra (sometimes called lady fingers)

3 medium tomatoes                        

2tbsp of lime juice

3tbps of tamari (in Japanese food section in most supermarkets)                             

3tbsp of olive oil

¼ tsp cayenne (optional)               

2 big romaine lettuce leaves


You’ll need to: Simply peel and dice the plantain, top and tail the okra and dice, then dice the tomatoes and mix briefly together in a big bowl.


In another bowl, combine the tamari, lemon juice, cayenne (if using it) and olive oil and pour it over the plantain and okra and mix briefly again. Mixing the plantain too much can make it too mushy.


Let it marinate for about 15 – 20mins then serve on a large lettuce leaf and enjoy.


Taken from my book Leah’s Raw Food Feast, which includes over 100 raw vegan recipes, available here now

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