Warming Autumn Soup Recipe

Greetings lovelies,

It’s Soup Season!!!!

With autumn in full effect, we’re seeing more root veggies in the supermarkets and the colder weather makes warming meals a must, so what better recipe to share than my Warming Autumn Soup recipe!!!

To be completely honest, out of all 8 people in my house, only about 2 of us will  willingly eat this soup, and maybe 3 more if i serve it with bread, because like their father, most of my children don’t like the blended soup consistency. So even though it’s simple, relatively quick and a great meal to make in big batches, I don’t get to enjoy it as often as I’d like, but I love it nonetheless 🙂


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Benefits Of Vitamin C Powder (Podcast)

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Ever wonder why Vitamin C was so popular as a supplement?

Do you know the best way to take Vitamin C?

Did you know that vitamin C can be used internally and externally?

Have you ever wondered if Vitamin C is a good supplement for you to take?

Find out the answer the above and more in my latest podcast!


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How To Use Chia Seeds (Video)

Greetings Lovelies!!!

I recommend chia seeds to so many people I work with and share with them the best way to use chia seeds to make them easy to digest and store. So I thought i’d do a quick video to share with you what I share with all my clients, so enjoy!!!


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Bio-Live Women Microbz

Women’s reproductive systems are miraculous and go through hormonal changes monthly, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and during menopause. This bio live culture maintains women’s health including hormone balance at any…

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Berry Yoghurt Smoothies Recipe

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Today is day 12 of the 19 Day Black Women’s Self Love Challenge, which is to just have juices, smoothies or broth for the day, so here’s a simple smoothie for you to enjoy.

And remember if you want to join in on the challenge, click here to download your free challenge checklist and guide


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19 Day Black Women’s Self Love Challenge

Greetings Lovelies, it’s self love challenge time!!!

As we continue to work our way through the corona coaster, the need for self care is more important than ever, so to follow up from my last podcast on “7 Steps To Self Care During COVID-19“, i’m setting you a self love challenge!!!

I want to help you become deliberate and intentional about showing yourself some love over the next 19 days with these simple daily commitments to your self love and care.

You may need a little prep time for some of them so look through them all in advanced so your ready for each day.

As things are uncertain in these times, I’ve kept them as simple as possible to do at home and with as little cost as possible involved.



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My new basic hair routine & products

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Seeing as I’ve been doing so many talks on hair recently, I thought I’d show you what my hair looks like now, all puffed out, the products I’m currently using to maintain my hair and the very basic hair care routine I have:

Check out @nylah.uk – https://www.nylahsnaturals.com/

@puregoodnesslondon – https://www.puregoodnesslondon.com/shop

& @ivywildhair – https://www.ivywild.co.uk/

Inspired by my sis @officialjamelia – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuES…

I really need to go and see @revivebysel to get a bit more creative with my barnet but this will do for now 😊

Love, peace & hairgrease as my brother from another mother @denimreconlondon would say 👍🏾💚


Tshirt from @melaninaireuk – https://melaninaire.co.uk/


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Vanilla Chia Pudding

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Are you fed up of overnight oats breakfast?

Do you want to jazz up your morning meal?

Is it time to give yourself a break from cereal, toast and coffee everyday?

Then why not try out this delicious, nutrient rich, raw vegan breakfast pudding!!!


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