How To Use Chia Seeds (Video)

Greetings Lovelies!!!

I recommend chia seeds to so many people I work with and share with them the best way to use chia seeds to make them easy to digest and store. So I thought i’d do a quick video to share with you what I share with all my clients, so enjoy!!!


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Berry Yoghurt Smoothies Recipe

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Today is day 12 of the 19 Day Black Women’s Self Love Challenge, which is to just have juices, smoothies or broth for the day, so here’s a simple smoothie for you to enjoy.

And remember if you want to join in on the challenge, click here to download your free challenge checklist and guide


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Vanilla Chia Pudding

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Are you fed up of overnight oats breakfast?

Do you want to jazz up your morning meal?

Is it time to give yourself a break from cereal, toast and coffee everyday?

Then why not try out this delicious, nutrient rich, raw vegan breakfast pudding!!!


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How To Make Sea Moss Gel (Video)

Greetings Lovelies!! There are various types of sea moss on the market, at this time I am selling the Eucheuma Cottinil variety from St Lucia. Once soaked and turned into a gel, Sea Moss can be used to add nutrients to fruit smoothies, nut milks and ice creams, it’s also used as a thickening and gelling agent to make vegan cheesecakes, mouses and other desserts .

It is a naturally occurring source of iodine, collagen, fibre and it is rich in vitamins, minerals, particularly potassium chloride. Here’s a quick video showing you how to make the gel from the actual dry moss I have in store (more…)

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Top 3 Iron Rich Foods & Herbs (video)

Greetings Lovelies!!

With over 25% of the population, especially women and children, being deficient in iron, it’s so important to discover the natural ways to boost your iron levels, especially with foods and herbs,

There are so many foods and herbs that are iron rich, but in today’s video i’m sharing just 3 for you to get started with, that I’ve seen and experienced boost iron levels naturally.



To add more healthy whole raw foods to your diet to prevent deficiencies in many nutrients, grab a copy Leah’s Raw Foods Feast NOW




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Herbal Medicine For Heavy Periods (video)

Greetings Lovelies!!

in today’s video, I’ll be sharing with you how you can use herbs to help relieve your heavy or long periods naturally.



Get a copy of the book ’30 Days To Better Periods & Womb Health Naturally’ here –


To download a FR*EE 3 part Womb Wellness Gift Set, visit here



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4 Tips To Stop You Drinking While Eating

Being served drinks with your meal in a restaurant or having juice on the table while you sit down for dinner, are so common place in our lives that many of us see it as a normal harmless situation, which were introduced to as children.

But the habit of drinking while eating in many cases can lead to you developing digestive issues and not getting all the nutrients from your food.


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5 Healthy Snack In Under 10mins

One of the common misconceptions about eating wholesome natural foods is that it’s really time consuming.

Firstly, bear in mind that our skewed idea of how long it should take to make food is based on the fact that you can now make a whole meal in 10 minutes in the microwave, or make a 2 min phone call and 30minutes later you got a meal delivered to your door.

Even when we think we’re making a home cooked meal, we’ll still use pre made sauces, pre cooked rice, pre chopped veggies and pre made mixed seasoning  (like the dreaded All Purpose Seasoning loaded with MSG)

So when you suggest that, heaven forbid, you do something that takes longer than grabbing a pack of crisps, a chocolate bar or a handful of biscuits, it might be met with a look of disbelief.


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Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup Recipe

It’s been  few weeks we’ve had in the Salmon house!!!

Since the beginning of November, every member of our house has been hit with some level of coughing, cold and ear aches. Some for a few days and others  for literally weeks.

My immunity is probably the highest in the house and I even got sick for 3 days (after boasting that I never get anything and I’d be fine).

We only ever use natural remedies and there are some great recipe you can make to reduce the length and severity of a cold when it arrives, but what I haven’t been focusing enough on recently is prevention.

The whole food diet we eat is a means of prevention in and of itself, but I feel that moving to a new home, new area, being around lots of new people and children and going to so many events and activities since we’ve been here has probably caught up with us (not to mention the everyday challenges of parental and business stress hubby and I are faced with).

So to maintain and protect us over the weekend, I’ll be whipping up a few batches of this amazing immune boosting syrup.


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