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*New Date* Tues 4th May – 8-10pm GMT – Naturally Safer Period Products – Discover what products are currently available on the market, the dangers of some of their materials and ingredients, some examples of naturally safer alternatives, demonstrations and walk throughs of how to use some of the products and tips of deciding which ones would be best for you – Click here to book now

Tues 25th May – 8-10pm GMT – Boost Your Fertility Naturally – There are many natural solutions that a couple can use to increase their chances of becoming pregnant, even after years of trying. During this talk you’ll find out 9 ways to increase your chances of conceiving naturally, create a step by step action plan to work through and much more – More info coming soon

Tues 15th June – 8-10pm GMT – Holistic Pregnancy part 1– As a mother of 7 who’s been pregnant 9 times, a heath coach who’s worked with many pregnant mums and an avid researcher of pregnancy health, I’ve learnt and experienced so much about pregnancy, that I feel every expectant mother would benefit from knowing, so I created this extensive 2 part online workshop to share. In part one I’ll be sharing my experiences, the importance of diet during pregnancy, the importance of lifestyle changes and support, the stages of pregnancy and safe complementary therapies during the different stages of pregnancy  – More info coming soon

Tues 6th Jul – 8-10pm GMT – Pregnancy part 2– During part 2 of this online workshop, we’ll go one to look at how to heal traumas & negative energy around previous pregnancy or perceptions of pregnancy, how to plan your birth, preparing your body and mind for birth, birthing options and choices and creating a positive pregnancy mindset and more – More info coming soon

Tues 27th Jul – 8-10pm GMT – New Mum Holistic Care Plan – There is a very delicate phase just after a mother gives birth that is rarely spoken of an yet very important. It’s called the 4th trimester or baby moon and during this webinar I’ll be sharing how to care for yourself, your loved one or clients in the 4-6 weeks after birth to ensure mum has the best chance of recovery on all levels, which can reduce the risk many things from nutritional deficiencies to post natal depression and more – More info coming soon

Tues 7th Sept – 8-10pm GMT – Natural Black Skincare – What is healthy black skin, what can effect skin healthy, common skin disorders, 9 steps to naturally caring for black skin (with diet, supplements and care) – More info coming soon

Tues 21st Sept – 8-10pm GMT – Better Sleep Naturally – Importance & benefits of sleep, problems of lack of sleep, sleep disorders, what effects sleep, how to improve sleep – More info coming soon

Tues 5th – Sun 10th Oct – The Sugar Summit – Discover everything you need to know about sugar and how it can effect you and your families health and well being in 12 engaging talks and a live Q&A panel discussion, from leading natural health and wellness expert speakers – More info coming soon




Testimonies from past events:

“I would like to thank you for the 9 Steps To A Healthy Plant Based Diet event. The information was very practical and really made me think about not only what I eat, but also how I eat. I liked your holistic approach to the event. You covered the nutritional, physical, mental and practical aspects to transitioning as well as the myths regarding a plant based diet. All this together with your lighthearted, non judgemental style of presentation. I really enjoyed this event and would recommend it.” S Brown

“Liked having a handout, a good resource for the future and I felt included, more than I have before, it was very special for me.  Thank for the opportunity of a replay to watch again. much blessings sisters”

“Intelligent and eloquent leader.  I appreciated her warmth and well thought out subject matter, would like to see more of Ms Salmon in future events.”

“Brilliant session this morning. Really enjoyed it. Look forward to future events. ”


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