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Tues 17th Nov 2020 – How Periods, Pregnancy & Menopause Effect Our Hair – Learn how these keys parts of our lives as women can effect the health and appearance of our hair and how we can adapt our hair care during these times naturally – Click here for more details and tickets


Tues 1st Dec 2020 – Natural Hair Loss Solutions For Black Women – Whether it’s due to pregnancy, perming, hairstyling or disease, hair loss has been said to effect as much as 50% of black women at some time in our life. Even though some causes are hard to control, in this talk w’ll be discussing how to reduce your chances of hair loss and even help to reverse it once it’s started, all naturally – More details and tickets coming soon


Tues 15th Dec 2020- A Holistic Approach To Holiday Anxiety & Depression For Black Women – More details coming soon


Tues 29th Dec 2020 – Abundance Affirmations & Heart Centred Goal Setting For 2021  – More details coming soon


Tues 12th Jan 2021 – Natural Fertility Solutions For Black Couples– More details coming soon


Tues 26th Jan 2021 – Holistic Pregnancy For Black Mamas – More details coming soon


Tues 9th Feb 2021 – Holistic Pregnancy For High Risk Black Mamas – More details coming soon


Tues 23rd Feb 2020 – Holistic Birthing For Black Mamas – More details coming soon


Tues 9th Mar 2020 – 4th Trimester Self Care For Black Mamas – More details coming soon


Tues 23rd Mar 2020 –  Safe Oils & Herbs For Pregnancy & Birth & 4th Trimester – More details coming soon


Testimonies from past events:

“I would like to thank you for the 9 Steps To A Healthy Plant Based Diet event. The information was very practical and really made me think about not only what I eat, but also how I eat. I liked your holistic approach to the event. You covered the nutritional, physical, mental and practical aspects to transitioning as well as the myths regarding a plant based diet. All this together with your lighthearted, non judgemental style of presentation. I really enjoyed this event and would recommend it.” S Brown

“Liked having a handout, a good resource for the future and I felt included, more than I have before, it was very special for me.  Thank for the opportunity of a replay to watch again. much blessings sisters”

“Intelligent and eloquent leader.  I appreciated her warmth and well thought out subject matter, would like to see more of Ms Salmon in future events.”

“Brilliant session this morning. Really enjoyed it. Look forward to future events. ”


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