Cerasee Loose Herb 35g


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Oh Cerasee, it’s bitter you see!!!!!


This a traditional Jamaican herbal tea, used in many other countries too, with multiple uses and health benefits

It’s said to help:

  • Clean your blood
  • Reduce fever & cold
  • Relieve belly pain
  • Clears skin
  • Helps reduce high cholesterol and hypertension
  • Relieve constipation
  • & more




How to use: To prepare the tea, take 1tbsp of the dried herb, steep in 250mls of boiling water for 10mins or simmer on a medium heat for 5mins.

Strain, sweeten with a little honey (try not to use too much so you can get used to the bitter taste, which is also good for you) and enjoy.

Unless advised otherwise, it’s safe to drink 1 cup every few days or every day for no more than 9 days, then take a few days break and restart.


This pack can make 10-12 cups of tea


Listen the great Macka B describe the health benefits of the amazing Cerasee tea, in song 🙂



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