Detox Retreat Jamaica Feb 2019

I’m feeling blessed and renewed having come back from the first ever Detox Retreat Jamaica, where I enjoyed the beauty of Jamaica and shared 2 workshops with the guests on

  • Detoxification for Reproductive Health
  • & How to use Visualisation to make 2019 your best year ever

They were very well received by the guests and i completely overstand why people told me I wouldn’t want to come home, i fell in love with Negril’s seven mile beach and the breathtaking landscape of Lucea, if my husband and children weren’t in the UK, I may not have come home!!!

The retreat will be happening again in November 2019 and you can join the mailing list to find out when tickets are launched on their site here – Detox Retreats Jamaica


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Pics From Black Women’s Health Day
Our Lovely audience

Pics From Black Women’s Health Day

Greetings lovelies!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the first ever Black Women’s Health Day on Sunday, it was an honour to have you there.

diabetes prevention

Here are just some of the pictures of the day for you to enjoy, there are interviews and footage of the actual talks that were taken also and will be made available in the upcoming weeks.



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Fats, Diabetes Prevention & Black Women’s Health

Greetings lovelies!!!

I love reading and never really give myself much time to do it,

But I  recently made a commitment to do it more and picked up a book I’ve had for ages, while reading to research the effects of omega 3 fatty acids on brain health. 

It’s also just a few days until the first ever Black Women’s Health Day on Sunday 30th Sept 18, so every thing about the event, including our amazing expert guest speakers has been on my mind.

diabetes prevention

While reading “The Omega 3 Connection” By Dr Andrew Stoll, I remember how essential it is for black women to protect and nourish their brain with healthy fats as we are statistically very likely to develop some form of mental health challenge. 

But also he wrote:

“In medical school, I was taught that if you can understand diabetes, you will understand all of medicine because those with diabetes fall prey to many other disorders, from cardiac disease to kidney failure to stroke. Similarly, if you understand bi-polar, you will have special insight in to psychiatry because those with bipolar disorder manifest a wide variety of psychiatric symptoms.”

I immediately thought about the holistic diabetes prevention and reversal talk our expert guest speaker Abigail Morakinyp from Health In Check is giving at the Black Women’s Health day. Diabetes is still effecting black women at a high rate and it’s impact on your health can be immense and far reaching. But is diabetes prevention even possible?

A whole host of things came to mind while reading the book that I share in this video, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below



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Will The Sugar Tax Work?

The sugar tax was introduced on 6th April 2018 in the UK. The tax has been created to encouraged manufacturers to reduce the sugar content of their beverages and make high sugar drink less affordable to the consumer.

This seems like a smart move by the government, as part of their anti-obesity campaign to tackle the rising levels of obesity which is beginning to over burden the NHS.


But my question is, will making sugary drinks more expensive encourage us to make healthier food choices?


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What are your rocks, pebbles & sand?

At the beginning of 2016, I set myself a goal to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony, which is what I call ‘Becoming Naturally You’ by 2020.

So every week, my goal is to share videos, articles, podcasts, memes, events, books, online course, coaching programs and more, all focused on helping you do those 3 things.

But I’m very aware of ONE thing that can make ‘Becoming Naturally You’ very challenging, which is….


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9 Abundance Affirmations For 2018

Creating abundance affirmations has been the cornerstone of my success over the past year.

I know how transformational it can be to repeat a power-filled statement that triggers feelings and emotions in you on a daily basis, followed by a moment to visualise the manifestation of it.

And whilst I see creating affirmations as an intensely personal endeavour, I know it can be challenging to find the words to make an affirmation in the first place.

So today, which is #thinkforhappiness Wednesday,  I’m sharing with you 9 examples of abundance affirmations that focus on bringing abundance into your life, which you can tweak to suit you perfectly.


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5 Tips To Create Awesome New Year’s Resolutions

Goal setting, affirmations and vision boards are things I like to create and update all throughout the year, not just New Years Resolution.

But I also now that many of us are going to make New Years Resolution, so here are some tips to make them awesome, so that they are easy to stick to long term.


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