What’s Happening In Leah’s World

Greetings lovelies,

You may have noticed that I missed a few weeks of ezines recently that’s because life has been quite eventful over the past few months. So I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the big things that have been happening in our lives in the video below.


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Without Assessing You’re Guessing

Greetings lovelies,

When I first started my career as a nutritionist, I had a very ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to advising clients, which didn’t give the great results I get with clients now. This is because now, I know that ‘without assessing you’re guessing’.

So how does this effect your life?


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From Hole To Wholeness With Avalaura #NYR15

I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow holistic sister name Avalaura from Avalaura’s Healing Centre, who’s doing great works as an intuitive consultant and life coach.


During the interview we spoke about: 

Her Journey

What it means to go from hole to wholeness

The biggest challenges our sisters face & how to overcome them

Superwoman & Black Girl Magic

The benefits of her Cord Cutting & Chakra Balancing work

& more



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Fibroids Twitter Chat with The Lake Foundation

I had my first live Twitter Chat and it was great!!!!! Big thanks to The Lake Foundation for inviting me to come and talk on fibroids.

Kandice Bryan from Noire Wellness and Dr Sydney Dillard were the other guests on the chat, with our host Abi Abegho from The Lake Foundation.

We covered some very interesting topic and shared a lot on info in a short time.

The good news is, the whole chat can be found below!!! So if you missed it live, then take a look below to see what we were talking about.



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Is A Weight Loss Diet Always A Healthy Diet?

It’s not unreasonable to think that if we’re following a weight loss diet it’s probably healthy isn’t it? And with the fanaticism of the press and the wellness industry over the problems of obesity, it’s not surprising that we tend to think that a healthy diet and a weight loss diet are one and the same thing. Surely anything that will save us from the evils of being overweight must be good for us, surely?


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What Is Naturally You & How To Become It?

For the past 11yrs, in one way or another, I’ve had one goal

And that was to help everyone I worked with become Naturally You

Everything I do is focused on helping you become naturally you, from the articles, books, podcasts, talks and events I create, to the advice and coaching I give private clients.


The Naturally You coaching programs, the Becoming Naturally You Book, the Naturally You Magazine and more are all doing the same thing and it’s helped thousands of people over the years.


But what IS becoming NATURALLY YOU?


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