19 Day Black Women’s Self Love Challenge

Greetings Lovelies, it’s self love challenge time!!!

As we continue to work our way through the corona coaster, the need for self care is more important than ever, so to follow up from my last podcast on “7 Steps To Self Care During COVID-19“, i’m setting you a self love challenge!!!

I want to help you become deliberate and intentional about showing yourself some love over the next 19 days with these simple daily commitments to your self love and care.

You may need a little prep time for some of them so look through them all in advanced so your ready for each day.

As things are uncertain in these times, I’ve kept them as simple as possible to do at home and with as little cost as possible involved.



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Herbal Medicine For Heavy Periods (video)

Greetings Lovelies!!

in today’s video, I’ll be sharing with you how you can use herbs to help relieve your heavy or long periods naturally.



Get a copy of the book ’30 Days To Better Periods & Womb Health Naturally’ here – https://www.thenaturallyyoucoach.com/product/wombhealthnaturally/


To download a FR*EE 3 part Womb Wellness Gift Set, visit here



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How To Safely Use Aromatherapy In Pregnancy #NYR22

Through every one of my 7 pregnancies, I’ve used aromatherapy oils to some degree. But as there as safety concerns about their use during this delicate time, many women avoid aromatherapy in pregnancy due to lack of knowledge of which are safe.

Unfortunately, this means many mamas are missing out on the safe and effective therapeutic effects of aromatherapy in pregnancy.

So in this interview, Heket and I will be discussing:

  • Her Story
  • Are essential oils safe and effective?
  • Can you take oils internally?
  • Top safe oils for pregnancy
  • What symptoms can oils help
  • Difference between high and low quality oils
  • How to apply oils
  • What oils you can use with your children
  • & more!!!


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Interview With Candice Bryan Of Noire Wellness On Fibroids


On Sunday 25th Nov, I’ll be joining Noire Wellness and 8 other female experts, to bring awareness and share specific tools, advice and knowledge of the topic of Fibroids. After 30mins of technical difficulties (which included me singing, dancing, putting on accents and tellin off Facebook several times), Noire Wellness founder Candice Bryan and I jumped on Facebook live for a chat about the event, what I’d be sharing on the day and my mission.

Again, if you don’t to sit through my 30 min ordeal, jump to 29mins to see the interview


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Are We Fighting Battles With Our Health Or Winning Wars?

Greetings family

in the 19th Century, a microbiologist called Louis Pasteur came up with the Germ Theory, which basically said that every disease is caused by a germ, which is the premise behind our current medical model of killing, burning or cutting out germs to cure disease.

Check out my latest video to find out why he recanted the story on his death bed and how his realisation can help your womb health, pregnancy health, premature birth prevention and more.


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5 Benefits Of Agnus Castus For Women’s Health

Nature is literally awash with powerful herbs that can help to nourish, rebalance and literally heal the damage done to your womb, Agnus Castus is one of those herbs.

When I was on the path to healing myself from Metrorrhagia, a womb health condition where I would bleed between my periods, I found so many herbs that could help offer relief. The ones i used the most were yarrow, motherwort, ladies mantle and Agnus Castus, and Agnus Castus was the one I personally found most effective.


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What are your rocks, pebbles & sand?

At the beginning of 2016, I set myself a goal to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony, which is what I call ‘Becoming Naturally You’ by 2020.

So every week, my goal is to share videos, articles, podcasts, memes, events, books, online course, coaching programs and more, all focused on helping you do those 3 things.

But I’m very aware of ONE thing that can make ‘Becoming Naturally You’ very challenging, which is….


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