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Becoming Naturally You

Becoming Naturally You

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Do you need a simple plan to create a healthy life? 

Do you want to make simple weekly steps instead of trying to change everything at once?

Are you ready to naturally transform your mind, body & diet? 

Then you need

Becoming Naturally You  – 39 Simple Steps to Naturally Transform Your Mind, Diet & Life

becoming naturally you


Becoming Naturally You is a 39 step guide to transforming your mind, body, diet and environment, with small weekly steps, to create a naturally healthy life.

Starting a healthy life style can be overwhelming and people often don’t know where to start or what to start with, this simple, clearly laid out plan, makes it easy to commit to and focus on making just one change a week before moving onto another.

The steady cumulative effect of this means that by the end of the plan, you’ll have naturally improved 39 areas of your life and feel great for it.

With plans checklist, journalling pages and more, if you want to naturally improve your life, mind, body and diet, this the perfect start for you.


This book was first released back in 2009 a few years into my career, when I wanted to help those looking for healthy eating and living advice and tips in a simple steps by step way.

Since writing the book over 6 years ago, my experience and knowledge of natural health and living a healthy lifestyle has grown, along with my realisation that it’s VITALLY important to create a life that nourished and fulfils you on EVERY level, or what I call Becoming Naturally You.

So I’ve adapted and revised the book, added over 8000 words, 50 pages, journalling pages, checklists, diagrams and plans to make it even easier for you to create a life that’s Naturally You in just 39 weeks.

So it’s with pleasure that I introduce to you

Becoming Naturally You

39 Simple steps to naturally transform your mind, diet & body.

healthy lifestyle plan


What’s In The Book?

The book is broken down into 3 sections with 39 steps with action sheets and planners, here’s the table of contents:


Becoming Naturally You                                  

What Does Becoming Naturally You Mean To You?

Your Mind & Environment Steps                     

Step 1 – Potential Trouble Source                   

Step 2 – Write From The Heart                        

Step 3 – Stress Busting                                   

Step 4 – Healthy Home Makeover                    

Step 5 – Affirmations                                   

Step 6 – Do What You Love                            

Step 7 – The Real Enemy                                 

Step 8 – Social & Supported                            

Step 9 – Colour Therapy                                  

Step 10 – Vision Board Your Goals                

Step 11 – Bribery & Corruption                       

Your Mind & Environment Action Sheets        

Your Food Steps:                                            

Step 12 – The 3 Nasties                                  

Step 13 – Wonderful Water                             

Step 14 – Get Your Juices Flowing                 

Step 15 – There are No Teeth In Your Tummy           

Step 16 – A Whole Lot Better                          

Step 17 – Get It Fresh & Local             

Step 18 – Know The Seasons                                   

Step 19 – Mix It Up A Bit                                  

Step 20 – Rawsome                                        

Step 21 – Get Your Greens                             

Step 22 – Get It Organic                                  

Step 23 – Eat Right For Your Type                  

Step 24 – Sprout It                                           

Step 25 – Herbs, Spices & Salts                     

Step 26 – Know Your Oils                             

Step 27 – Be Snack Savvy                              

Step 28 – Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail                

Step 29 – Know How To Work A Budget        

Your Food Steps Action Sheets                     

Your Body Steps                                        

Step 30 – Get Fit For Success                       

Step 31 – Clean Your Bowels                         

Step 32 – Get Your Rest                               

Step 33 – The Candida Menace                       

Step 34 – Breathe Deeply                                

Step 35 – Listen To Your Body                       

Step 36 – Natural Body Care                           

Step 37 – Get Yourself Checked                 

Step 38 – Everybody Loves The Sunshine     

Step 39 – So Now What?                                

Your Body Steps Action Sheets                     

The Becoming Naturally You Plans                 

On A Final Note                                              


About the Author


Want to read and excerpt from Becoming Naturally You?

becoming naturally you

Page 9-13 of Becoming Naturally You

“According to modern science…

It takes just over 39 weeks for a baby to fully form in the womb of its mother. That’s pretty quick considering a brand new human, made from scratch comes out. Now, imagine in the next 39 weeks you could transform your mind, diet and body, to feel brand new, would you do it?


Well if you think you’re up to it, this book is a great place to start.


This is a slightly revised version of my very first book “The Ultimate You” and just like it’s predecessor, this book is a 39 step guide to making simple weekly changes, that can individually have a positive effect on your short term health and cumulatively transform the way you eat, think and live.


Having had a few children myself, well 6 to be exact, I know the 39-40 weeks of pregnancy can fly by, when every week brings a new change or challenge, and especially if you use one of those pregnancy apps or calendars with the week by week development of your baby. Babies go through huge changes and developments each week, even if on the surface, you only get a pound or two bigger and an inch wider.

The same could be true for you.

By committing to small regular changes each week, you can undergo a slow, steady and powerful development, that doesn’t seem overwhelming, unmanageable or too fast for you to keep up with.


Is Our Diet The Only Important Thing In Life?


A few years ago I realised that helping people improve their diet, by removing processed nutrient robbing junk foods and replacing them with nutrient dense whole foods could be tremendously beneficial to their lives and I loved seeing the results of the work I did with people. But it also became apparent that it was one piece of a very important puzzle called LIFE.


My focus was on ensuring my clients were nourished and fulfilled nutritionally, but what about their career, their family life, their relationships, their life goals and aspirations. What could they do to be nourished in those areas too?


Your food is your fuel so it’s paramount that you get that right so you have the energy to work on the other areas of your life. But I realised how important it was that I also helped people to work on the other areas of their life so they would create balance in their development, instead of getting really great results in their health, while they did nothing to get out of a job they hate and a relationship that was suffocating them, for example.


I’ve also learned from bitter experience that when you only focus on one area of your life and not others, the negative energy from any difficult areas can make it hard for you to remain focused on developing any areas.


It’s like when you put off dealing with your health while you fully focus on your career, and as your career success reaches a peak, your health has been sufficiently ignored to the point where it literally stops you in your tracks, meaning you can’t enjoy the results of the career success you’ve attained or worse still, all the career success you’ve gained is now lost as you struggle to regain your health.

Balance is key

So I created a new way of working with people, which focused on helping people to create a LIFE that nourished and fulfilled them on every level, mainly through getting rid of negative beliefs that hold us back and creating workable plans that get us to our health and life goals as quickly as possible.

Becoming Naturally You has been revised with this goal in mind, to help you create a life that nourishes and fulfils you on every level, with small weekly manageable steps that transform your diet, body and mind naturally in under 10 months.


How To Use The Book


Becoming Naturally You Is laid out in step by step format, so you can easily work your way through it one step a week. The steps are sectioned into 3 main areas, which are:


  • Mind & Environment Steps – We’re going to start by getting your thoughts and environment in a state where they can positively support all the changes you’ll be making with your foods and body. Not having the right mindset to begin with can be the downfall of many worthy endeavours.


  • Foods Steps – This is where we look specifically at the actual foods and drinks you put into your body and how you can make them as wholesome as possible.


  • Body Steps – This is where we look at things you can do to physically improve your body, from exercise and breathing to cleansing and sleeping.


You simply read the pages for a step, work on that step for a week, use the journaling pages and tips to track your progress, then move onto reading the section for the next week, complete that week and keep going.


There’s a “Cover To Cover” checklist of the steps at the back of the book so you can see how far you’ve gotten and how far you have to go.


If you want to speed things up and work on 2 steps a week, use the “Fast Track Plan” at the back and finish in half the time, ready to continue your life long journey.


If you’re the type of person who prefers to read the whole book first (like me) then decide what steps you want to take and in what order, there’s a “My 39 Steps Plan” at the back of the book you can use to fill in your own order of following the steps and keep track on them.


Fancy a more exciting life?!? Use “The Variety Plan” at the back, which mixes the steps up from the 3 sections.


However you decide to use Becoming Naturally You, I hope very soon you begin to feel the benefits of becoming nourished and fulfilled on every level, as a result of Becoming Naturally You.

“One small change a week, will speed up the change you seek”

Leah Salmon

Thanks to my amazing husband Jeremy Salmon of for the book cover design and for everyone who purchased the first version of this book or any of my work, you all continue to inspired the work I do, helping give advice and tips to create a healthy lifestyle you love

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