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Leah's Raw Food Feast Ebook

Leah's Raw Food Feast Ebook

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Want 100 Delicious Simple & Easy Raw Food Recipes

To Get More Raw Foods Into Your Life?

Then you need…

Leah’s Raw Food Feast Ebook 

Hiya, Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach here and if you:

Have you…

* heard of raw foods and want to try it out

* tried to go 100% raw and found it too difficult

* wanted to add more raw foods to your diet, but were sure how to

* felt the benefits of adding more raw foods to your diet and want to take it further

* tried many raw food recipes that just aren’t hitting the spot

* been looking for a more manageable way to get into raw foods

* wanted to add lots more raw foods in without going 100% overnight

 Well, if you answer yes to any of the above, here the answer to all your questions



“Leah’s Raw Foods Feast Ebook”

Recipes and advice for 9 days of fantastic raw living

100 Simple and delicious recipes for you to successfully go raw for 9 days or add more raw foods to your life

There is so much information out there about the benefits of raw live and fresh foods, it’s easy for someone to want to jump right into a raw food diet over night, just to feel the greatness everyone is talking about, but here are a few things that can sometimes happen if you’re not prepared for the jump

·         You could get stuck eating the same foods everyday

·         You end up not getting enough nutrients from what you are eating

·         You get really bored of eating salads all day

·         You swing from being stuffed to starving as you haven’t balanced your meals properly

·         You spend loads of money on fresh produce that ends up going off because you don’t know what to do with it

·         Spends loads of money on supplements they think they need to support their raw food life instead of just selecting better foods

·         Live off raw chocolate bars, dried fruit bars, dehydrated snacks and other dense convenience foods

·         You end up with less energy and very little motivation to go on

·         You end up thinking that raw foods don’t work for you and vow never to try it again


Hopefully this isn’t you, but if it is let me assure you that with the Right Balance Of Foods, a Simple Plan and Clear Advice and Easy To Follow Tips, there is no reason why anyone can’t enjoy 9, 14, 21 or even 90 days on raw foods,



Leah’s raw Food Feast was inspired by a YouTube video I record a while back called “Why I Go Raw Vegan” (which has had 22,500 views so far!!!) where I was briefly talking about my reasons for going raw for the first 9 days of the month. My reasons were weight management, discipline and to help keep my periods pain free, but as the years have gone by I’ve enjoyed so many more benefits from keeping raw foods and a daily addition to our life.

Here’s what you’ll find in you copy of Leah’s Raw Food Feast 

Page 12                     My Raw Food Journey
Page 17                     What Are Raw Foods?

Page 19                     Faq On Raw Foods
Page 25                     9 Tips To Raw Success
Page 27                     7 Signs You Need More Raw Foods In Your Diet, Now
Page 28                     Equipment List

Page 29                     A Word On Dehydrators
Page 30                     Top Ingredients List


Page 33                     Green Power Juice

Page 33                     Pear, Apple & Ginger Juice

Page 34                     Apple Ginger Lime Juice

Page 34                     Apple, Carrot & Celery Juice

Page 35                     Red Power Juice

Page 35                     Green Smoothie

Page 36                     Peach Berry Smoothie

Page 37                     Pinacolada

Page 37                     Pink Carrot Smoothie

Page 38                     Berry Yoghurt Smoothie

Page 38                     Almond Milk (Basic Nut & Seed Milk Recipe)

Page 38                     Chocolate Milk Shake

Page 39                     Tahini Carob Milk

Page 39                     Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Page 40                     Cocobana

Page 40                     Fuzzy Pink Lemonade

Page 41                     Kefir



Page 45                     Mango Shots
Page 45                     Melon Bowl

Page 46                     Banana Split

Page 47                     Banana Nut Pudding

Page 47                     Mango & Avocado Pudding

Page 48                     Hi Enz

Page 49                     Spiced Buckwheat Porridge

Page 49                     Vanilla Chia Pudding

Page 50                     Muesli

Page 51                     Strawberry Pancakes & Cream

Page 53                     Granola, Berries & Cream

Snacks, Dips & Sides

Page 58                     Red Pepper Dip

Page 58                     Vinaigrette

Page 59                     Orange Mango Dressing

Page 59                     Pear And Mint Dressing

Page 60                     Almond Mayo

Page 60                     Chickpea Humus

Page 61                     Cheese Sauce

Page 61                     Hot Sauce

Page 62                     Spicy Lime & Avocado Dip

Page 62                     Curry Sauce

Page 63                     Kimchi

Page 63                     Sunflower Pate

Page 64                     Courgette Bread

Page 64                     Buckwheat & Tomato Bread

Page 65                     Flax Crackers

Page 65                     Kale Chips

Page 66                     Avocado Fries

Page 66                     Corn Chips

Page 67                     Fried Mushrooms


Main Meals
Page 71                     Creamy Green Soup

Page 71                     Butternut And Tomato Soup

Page 72                     Cream Of Courgette Soup

Page 72                     Mushroom Soup

Page 73                     Coconut Curry Soup

Page 74                     Eggless Egg Salad

Page 75                     Kale, Mango & Tomato Salad

Page 76                     Tuna Salad

Page 77                     Pretty Salad

Page 78                     Bloomed Wild Rice Salad

Page 79                     Super Sprout Salad

Page 79                     Fruit & Veg Salad

Page 80                     Tabouli

Page 81                     Spicy Sweetcorn Coleslaw

Page 82                     Mango Salsa

Page 83                     Easy Peasy Pizza

Page 84                     Mushroom, Olive & Kale Pizza
Page 86                     Mushroom Walnut Burgers

Page 86                     Veggie Burgers

Page 86                     Falafel

Page 87                     Greens, Beans And Rice.

Page 88                     Plantain & Okra Stew

Page 89                     Spaghetti & Sauces

Page 90                     Humus Cabbage Wraps

Page 90                     Broccoli & Tomato In Tahini Dressing

Page 91                     Nori Sushi Rolls

Page 92                     Spring Rolls

Page 93                     Courgette & Avocado Rolls

Page 94                     Walnut Burritos



Page 97                     Strawberry Lollies

Page 97                     Rainbow Lollies

Page 98                     Mango Sorbet

Page 98                     Pink Ice Cream

Page 99                     Chocolate Ice Cream

Page 99                     Trackers Bar

Page 100                  Choco Snowballs

Page 101                  Fruit & Nut Bars

Page 101                  Halva

Page 102                  Walnut Fudge

Page 102                  Macaroons

Page 102                  Carob Fudge Cake

Page 104                  Carrot Cake

Page 104                  Melon Birthday Cake

Page 105                  Tropical Cheesecake

Page 106                  Berry Cheesecake Bars

Page 107                  Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cake

Page 108                  Pumpkin Pie

Page 109                  Mango Pie

Page 111                  Apple Crumble

Page 112                  Fruit Butterfly

Page 113                  Chocolate Dipped Fruit & Kebabs

Page 114                  Cinnamon Apple Chips With Salted Caramel Dip

Page 117                  Your 9 Success Plans

Page 125                  About The Author

Page 126                  Useful Links



Here are some pictures of the delicious recipes you’ll find in this book


Raw Vegan Hot Pepper Sauce


Pancakes with strawberries & cream



Creamy red pepper dip


Pretty salad



Succulent plantain and okra stew



Tomato & Buckwheat Pizza base with Almond Mayo




Creamy rich chocolate ice cream



Vanilla Chia Pudding



Apple crumble with sweet macadamia cream



Vanilla Chia Pudding



Green smoothie


 Crispy Kale Chips 




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Enjoy the feast and if you have any question, feel free to get in touch

Take care and stay healthy

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