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Magnesium Salts 1.2kg

Magnesium Salts 1.2kg

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Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

Dive into the holistic benefits of our premium Magnesium Chloride Salts, expertly harvested to provide optimal purity and efficacy. Each 1200g bag is packed with high-quality magnesium chloride, designed to promote wellness and relaxation.

Key Features:

  • High Purity: Sourced from pristine locations, ensuring maximum potency and effectiveness.
  • Natural and Safe: Free from additives and chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types.
  • Versatile Uses: Perfect for baths, foot soaks, and various therapeutic applications.


  1. Relieves Muscle Aches and Pains: Magnesium chloride is known for its ability to alleviate muscle tension, cramps, and soreness, making it ideal for athletes and those with an active lifestyle.
  2. Promotes Relaxation and Stress Relief: Soaking in a magnesium chloride bath can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall mood.
  3. Supports Skin Health: Regular use can help improve skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and address common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  4. Enhances Sleep Quality: Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating sleep patterns, helping you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.
  5. Boosts Magnesium Levels: Transdermal absorption of magnesium chloride helps replenish magnesium levels in the body, which is essential for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.



How to Use:

  1. Magnesium Bath:

    • Dissolve 1-2 cups of magnesium chloride salts in warm bath water.
    • Soak for 20-30 minutes to allow your body to absorb the minerals and experience deep relaxation.
  2. Foot Soak:

    • Add ½ cup of salts to a basin of warm water.
    • Soak feet for 15-20 minutes to relieve foot pain and reduce swelling.
  3. Topical Application:

    • Mix with water to create a paste and apply to sore muscles or joints for targeted relief.
  4. Exfoliating Scrub:

    • Combine with your favorite oil to create a natural exfoliating scrub, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized.
  5. Detoxifying Bath:

    • Combine with other bath salts or essential oils for a detoxifying bath experience that draws out impurities and toxins.

Packaging and Storage:

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Comes in a resealable, eco-friendly bag to maintain freshness and ease of use.
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place away from moisture to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

Experience the rejuvenating power of magnesium chloride salts and elevate your self-care routine. Whether you're seeking relief from physical discomfort, a way to unwind after a long day, or a natural boost to your skin's health, our magnesium chloride salts are the perfect addition to your wellness arsenal.

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